Zack Tyler

Undergraduate Student

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Project Title

Electrical characterization of sputtered In2O3:W-channel field effect transistors for use in the back-end-of-the-line

Project Abstract

Amorphous oxide semiconductors such as tungsten-doped indium oxide show potential as a channel material for use in back-end-of-line (BEOL) transistors. Field-effect transistors were fabricated by graduate student Jaemin Shin in Professor Chris Hinkle’s group. The channels were formed by sputtering a 1 wt% W-doped In2O3 target. After transistor fabrication in a bottom-gate configuration, the devices were characterized to determine field effect mobility (10 cm2/Vs), threshold voltage (0.1 V), and subthreshold swing (130 mV/dec). Transistors were variously characterized to note temperature dependence, material stability, and contact resistance. An LTSpice model was created to compare with the measured transistor characteristics.